Episode 505

Godrick, Godfrey… Oh God


June 21st, 2024

2 hrs 15 mins 13 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

Kole, Dennis, Jala, and Moxie talk about Nightmare Kart, Demonschool, the Nintendo Direct announcements, and much more!

The Grind:

  • Jala: Demonschool. Crow Country. Shining Force III Scenario 2.
  • Moxie: Nightmare Kart. Elden Ring.
  • Dennis: Forza Motorsport. Sea of Solitude.
  • Kole: I’m on Observation Duty.

The Multiplayer:

  • Free Play!

The End Boss:

  • The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom is coming in September, starring Zelda herself.
  • Other exciting announcements at the Nintendo Direct.
  • Helldivers 2 runs the trolley problem on its players.