Episode 386

All the Floppin’ I’m Led to Believe Happens


September 24th, 2021

1 hr 56 mins 14 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

Kole, Ben, David, and Jala talk about Gas Station Simulator, The Great Ace Attorney Adventures, and Bloodwash.

The Grind:

  • Jala: The Great Ace Attorney Adventures. WarioWare: Get It Together. Lost in Random.
  • Ben: WarioWare: Get It Together. Quern: Undying Thoughts. Gas Station Simulator. Storybook Brawl.
  • Kole: Gas Station Simulator. Bloodwash. A Place, Forbidden.
  • David: No Man’s Sky.

The Multiplayer:

  • What’s your favorite video game villain?

The End Boss:

  • YouTubers find treasure trove of games on abandoned property.
  • Castlevania Advance collection rumored, then announced, then released.
  • CutSew cosplay company holds fundraising raffle for an animal shelter.
  • New PS5 revision released, is not consequential.