Episode 384

Negative Clicks Per Minute


September 3rd, 2021

1 hr 51 mins 48 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

Kole, Ben, Dennis, and Jala talk about the Great Ace Attorney: Adventures, SpookWare, and T-Minus 30.

The Grind:

  • Jala: Scribbled. The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures.
  • Kole: SpookWare. T-Minus 30.
  • Dennis: Jupiter Hell. Splitgate. Trackmania.
  • Ben: Storybook Brawl.

The Multiplayer:

  • What’s your first gaming memory?

The End Boss:

  • China imposes strict limits on kid’s video game time.
  • Yakuza creator reportedly leaving Sega.
  • Cursed to Golf is an upcoming horror golf game.
  • Mortal Kombat confrims Powerful Shaggy.