Throw a Match and Run

Episode 373 · May 28th, 2021 · 1 hr 22 mins

About this Episode

Kole, Jala, and David talk about Miitopia, Viviette, and we ask you to pitch items that would make your favorite game characters' lives easier.

The Grind:

  • David: No Man's Sky. Maneater.
  • Jala: Bioshock 2. Viviette. Miitopia.
  • Kole: Castaway on a Weird Island.

The Multiplayer:

  • Pitch an item that would make your favorite game character's life easier.

The End Boss:

  • Netflix is looking at getting into game subscriptions.
  • Steam might be making a Switch-like machine.
  • Resident Evil characters coming to Dead by Daylight.