The Flying Dadbods

Episode 330 · May 22nd, 2020 · 2 hrs 3 mins

About this Episode

Kole, Ben, Dennis, and David talk about Alien: Isolation, Tonight We Riot, and we do a Free Play Multiplayer.

The Grind:

  • Ben: Tacoma.
  • David: Tonight We Riot. Jet Lancer. Control.
  • Dennis: XCOM: Chimera Squad. Steamworld Heist.
  • Kole: Alien: Isolation.


  • Free Play

The End Boss:

  • Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 Remaster announced.
  • Dennis is playing Crucible.
  • Unreal Engine 5 tech demos look promising.
  • John Carmack is a genius and humble.