Piss and Invinegarate

Episode 295 · August 9th, 2019 · 1 hr 49 mins

About this Episode

Kole, Ben, Dennis, and David talk about Forager, do a free play multiplayer, and we get into the bullshit resurrection of the violent video game myth.

The Grind:

  • Ben: Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. Resident Evil 2.
  • Kole: Forager.
  • David: Vermintide 2. Warframe.
  • Dennis: Dauntless. Demoing Deck of Wonders.


  • Free play!

End Boss:

  • Capcom is inviting Resident Evil Ambassadors to test a new game.
  • Activision pulls a switcheroo on CTR loot boxes.
  • Violence in video games is back in the discourse, again, dumbly.