Dad Space

Episode 213 · September 22nd, 2017 · 2 hrs 15 mins

About this Episode

Kole, Ben, Dennis, and Jala talk about Dishonored: The Death of the Outsider, Battleborn’s shutdown, and we ask you about your high score stories.

The Brief:

  • Colleges are rolling out eSports scholarships.
  • Battleborn shuts down after 15 months.
  • More Shadow of the Colossus remake details revealed at TGS.
  • Knuckles & Knuckles and &Knuckles.

The Multiplayer:

  • What are you high score stories?

The Grind:

  • Jala: Guild Wars 2. Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions. Irresistible Mistakes. Dishonored: Death of the Outsider.
  • Kole: The Evil Within. Metroid Zero Mission. Metroid: Samus Returns.
  • Ben: Little Nightmares. Terraforming Mars (Board Game).
  • Dennis: Pandemic (Board Game). The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Destiny 2.

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