Episode 15

Every Spider Looks Like a Nail


March 15th, 2013

1 hr 43 mins 32 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

Kole, Dennis, and David talk about the God of War trophy debacle, the pricing on the Steam Box, and Sleeping Dogs.

The Brief

  • God of War trophy fiasco.
  • Torment kickstarter funded.
  • Steam Box priced around $1000.

The Grind

  • Kole: Hitman: Absolution. Surgeon Simulator 2012.
  • David: Sleeping Dogs. EVE Online.
  • Dennis: Spec Ops: The Line.

End Bosses

  • Kole might be a hoarder.
  • Chicken Fingers > Chicken Patties.
  • Expect more.