• Ben Merkel

    Ben Merkel has hosted 216 episodes.

    No bio provided.

  • David Moneysmith

    David Moneysmith has hosted 172 episodes.

    No bio provided.

  • Dennis Furia

    Dennis Furia has hosted 186 episodes.

    Dennis somehow keeps gaming shuffled into the crazy deck of family life. He loves co-op, strategy, and all things original. He is a co-host on The Level and author of The Daddening.

  • Jala Prendes

    Jala Prendes has hosted 81 episodes.

    Jala is a freelance artist and owner of Neon Skies Studio LLC. Nicknamed “Jala of All Trades” and “fitness elemental” by the Duckfeed community, she dabbles in myriad other interests and likes adventure and variety above all else. She is a co-host on The Level.

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  • Kole Ross

    Kole Ross has hosted 232 episodes.

    Kole Ross is a writer, commentator, and the founder of He hosts shows like Watch Out for Fireballs!, Monster in My Podcast, and Radio Free Mid-World.

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